Night Watch

i sing for one

who gathers these bones

amidst the stones

and seeping sea

in the aquamarine

silent sweep

the tracing arc

of lighthouse beams


i set this lovely sinew free

to rock and climb

beneath blue skies

to leave a scattered mind


in dogwatch wandering



on a starboard reach

and half asleep

lulled by an aching

wide and deep

starlit fingerlets here entwine

across the breast

of the horizon line

like a misted kiss

on mantle’s skin

i let go

to begin again


I have truly lived many beautiful moments in my life, many beautiful moments.


©M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art:“Lanterns Floating” by Tihti Laudthong

22 thoughts on “Night Watch

      1. That’s exactly right. I spent many a day transiting to sea and back from those very shores.
        Though those transits were always fraught with risk…there was a deep reward in doing it safely, and doing it right.
        Great memories!

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          1. You’ve got it right. I remember those transits so clearly. On clear summer days…beautiful. On foggy days…so treacherous.

            But therein lies the beauty of good training, and discipline, and professionalism.

            In hindsight…so rewarding.

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            1. I loved how the fog enrobed absolutely everything.

              What I didn’t love was trying to navigate a 7000 ton steel tube up the Thames, through that bridge, safely to pier.


              Still gives me shivers.

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            2. It’s just really cool that you did that. I used to take my kids to the river to watch for the subs coming in and leaving. Maybe one was yours. Divorce and a move and I have lost my “sea legs”. Long time ago. Things change.

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