Sun Showers

i play with the fray

on my cut off jeans

blue tee and Birkenstocks

hair billowing

like the wild knots

of milkweed

silk and tantalizing seed

as the Garter wanders

amidst the reeds

soaking sun and stalking snails

while i watch white sails

tracing contrails

and the spinning shimmering

reflections in their wake


the hammock shakes

as tree frogs peep

and you sleep

beneath the dabbled shade

with dreams

of love that’s made

of polychromatic dew

and sunbeams

that stretch their legs

on the down

of dandelion spools


and i take to you

with a softening gaze

that plays

over hands and arms

as i trace

your slumbering heart

and touch your cheek

for there are moments

absent words to speak

in the heat

indigo delphinium glows

and your eyes shine sea blue

as life weaves promise

to memory

and i…

love you


The energy of love exudes the tangible expressions of goodness, beauty, and truth.

© M.G. Iannucci 2019

Art by Linda Calvert Jacobson

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