Channel Markers

time the slip jig

of my rhyme

obelisk to pinch the sky

cage of steel

or the trap of ways

wet colliding in the race

draw the courage

to thread the strait

curled in the fingers

of a moment’s fate

for you cannot hope

to make your way

charting a course

by the churning wake


For the thousands of “daughters”, I’ve taught over the years,

walk forward with strength.

© M.G. Iannucci 2019

Photo by Eric Hahn

16 thoughts on “Channel Markers

  1. Beautiful indeed. A mother’s love has no color. I wrote that article because of Natalie Holloway to the news media.

    It touches me deeply when speaking about daughters because as women, and you know, it can be such a difficult journey until we find our voice and strength through authenticity.

    Happy Holy Weekend, Maria. 😁💪💃🙌💛

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    1. I absolutely understand what you mean. Thank you for your presence and inspiration, Emma. Nothing may appear any differently on the outside, but my life will change with this publishing. All your girls are beautiful because of you. Blessings.❤

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