i hold a palate

of self-made acrylic

turn my voice to the critic

that grasps a heel

and returns me to the surf

the fount of rebirth


in the rasp of the necrotic

find me

in the zone of the necritic

where we cling home

beneath the fiery sword

of protection

and those who know

will never be torn

from recollection


for Love calls me

to the rising sea

of introspection

and i sing

within the dawn

of resurrection

a precious thread

of trinity


Β© M.G. Iannucci 2019

Photo: Flea bane flowers from my life’s garden

21 thoughts on “Wabi-sabi

  1. Have enjoyed your work, immensely but completely understand. I’ve gone through a few reincarnations in the writing world. Enjoy the rediscovery!!

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