Wasting Time

fate states

woman why do you wait?

as it ties raw lines

that recapitulate

a promising time

the “i” to find

is left behind

in the frosted sigh

and hooves that stride

as i mount and ride away

passing through an open gate


© M.G. Iannucci 2019

Minimalism for the sake of equity can be a beautiful thing. Needless to say being a single Mom has left me with financial challenges. I have further to go down the minimalism road and it is possible. To work and to love is the true theology of creation (Soelle).

I refuse to be a slave to a scarcity mentality. I will not put my energy into the machinery of the fashion industry, cosmetics, facelifts, hair dye, botox. When you live intimately with nature, she nurtures and clothes you in the most spectacular beauty. Joy and balance are counter cultural realities.

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