Wash and Rinse

Returning home from camping with my biology students, I am reluctant to wash the field and forest soil, sweat, and river mud from my skin. There is something grounding in being greeted by the kiss of dew in the morning and the soft sounds of zippers opening on tents. The vulnerability of sleeping in a field or forest is a powerful reminder of how dependent we are on other creatures…especially each other.

“Carry me with you when you go forth over land and sea, for touching you is enough…”

-Walt Whitman

Photo: This little guy was in the road after being hit by a car. He stayed with me for several miles on a hike near the banks of the Potomac. He sipped water from my fingers and eventually flew off into the honeysuckle. Invited…life will visit. Enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Wash and Rinse

  1. Your students must love you already for taking them on a mini trip in the 1st week of school. 😁
    I think all teachers, in my opinion, should try to really add trips as much as possible to the curriculum. Never was like that when I was in school. The only trips I hear about are zoo or museum here in the states.
    Other countries (i.e., Germany, Japan) actually take their students to different cities. I was amazed hearing friends tell me about their teenage kids travels.
    Have a blessed weekend Maria!

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    1. It was a schoolwide endeavor. Great school. They do 6 days of discovery at the end of the year too. Topics are things like…how to ride public transportation, where does your food come from, exploring world religions. They travel all over the area in groups. Life skills are a good thing!
      I am planning outings for my classes too. It’s all about appreciation. Thank you, Emma!!🌻

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