Red Lights

i ride the road with you

wondering what to do

fuse the ends

or splice the new

for in the silencing

i feel you withering

the fire of desire

for life


where am i failing

to tell the truth

of the beautiful things

coming into being

all around you

i trace your lines in blue

we will find

a safe way through


© M.G. Iannucci 2019


I realized that what I value most in life is healthy, loving connection. It has been a most difficult thing coming to understand that not everyone values it. Sometimes what appears to be connection on the outside has an ulterior intention. I am working on a clarity of my own vision.

Turning the other cheek is not about acquiescing. When you are struck in a back-handed way, you are being treated like a slave. Demanding that the other use the palm of their hand is making the fight fair…equity.

The distance is for the practice of inner connection. The resistance is to learn to demand justice. The greatest killer of hearts is unresponsiveness. Please see, what you do to yourself…you do to me.

My senior students are attending a workshop on learning to identify abusive relationships.


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