Fallen Clouds

words you said

skitter through my head

a stew of foggy dew

unsure of what was true

as comfort trumped love

and my heart cried “give up”

this repeated game

of win and lose


© M.G. Iannucci 2019

Photo: The view from my ride in the morning. It’s ironic that there are deer behind the fences too. They place themselves in captivity just to meet their basic needs. For humans it is the security of money. There is greater life outside the cage.

Fear keeps us in places we no longer need to be. In love, there is none. Yet, we create fantasies to protect us from that reality. Love leaves the other free to choose their own path and yet remains. I am deserving too of giving and receiving love that way. That is truth.

I am jumping the fence of circumstance and heading into the open blue. Maybe someday, you will join me too.

Live true.

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