i test waters

of sovereignty

the discrete ability

to know

where to go

when the fields

lack green

outside in

i close the door

on lesser things

spreading vellum wings

i cast myself

to love’s wind

and my life begins



© M.G. Iannucci 2019

It is amazing to me how the men I know (even the “strong ones”) will cave when they are shamed by their girlfriends or wives. It is an evolutionary vestige that a man is supposed to give resources to a woman and keep her safe. A woman’s anger toward him strips him of the honor that he seeks in that relationship. It is a form of abuse to live in that state. Women use it for controlling.

My inner man deserves to be free. Boundaries are a beautiful thing. Breathe through the pain, let her own her own anger, and hold to your “no”. It is the root of self-discipline, this inner dance. My life is about to change…again.

Photo: An interesting insect. We watched the sun rise together at the lake.

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