i watched him fish

without a reel

by feel

wind-driven ripples

leaving him blind

to motion below

the waterline

“no english”, he said

tilting his head

as i motioned,

“a dance”

he nodded, “yes”

bowing he caught

the hook on a breeze

gently returning

my dignity

to me


© M.G. Iannucci 2019

I have handled difficult things in my life. I have been left behind time after time. Now and going forward, I choose not to be disposable to myself. No compromising even if it hurts. The pain of not being true to myself is worse.

Being a single Mom is not easy. I have to guard my resources and integrity, jealously. Self-love is a powerful thing. It is the intersection where the Creator and “i” meet.

Photo: The perfect day for fishing.

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  1. Absolutely, being authentic to who God wants us to be manifests as we feel the connection of what is true to the self even if others don’t feel the same. It can be painful and lonely at times but I just can’t be what others think I should be. I’m true to me. 😁🙌💃🙏

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