Child’s Play

i rise and fall

with the phantom pain

and choose to take

the gentler way


Trauma from childhood resurfaces again and again as it recognizes the same dysfunctional energy it grew up with. We try to heal it by masking it with addiction, burying it, or even marrying it so we can replay it…that moment when we were broken by violence. Only in facing it with presence can it melt into the vulnerability that makes us the real and loveable innocents that we truly are. By being present in the moment, I no longer feed it. I choose something different than self-abandonment.

Photo: Being themselves…real

6 thoughts on “Child’s Play

  1. “By being present in the moment, I no longer feed it”
    Beautiful. Extremely difficult though.
    Doesn’t come easy and takes a while to understand the true concept of the ‘present’.

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