I am off from school today since it is Yom Kippur. Although I have stacks of labs to grade, I am going to walk and look for some beauty. I will write again midday.

I met a woman yesterday, a cashier at the grocery. She had just left 37 years of a bad marriage behind in another state. She looked at me as she punched the keys and said, “We are opening another chapter in our lives”. She had been the breadwinner and family raiser, and he had gone along for the ride.

She said, “You are young enough to make the love that you want to find. Don’t let your heart become dead and haunted because you are living someone else’s life. You want a true partner in the next chapter of time.”

Maybe last night…Alonia etched my name back into the Book of Life.

God never tells you what to do. You showed me I am capable.

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          1. I just posted something that grew out of our exchange of comments plus your photo of the turtle sharing a log with a duck. I took my photo of the baby ducks a few weeks ago

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