Words Create Worlds

I self-published a little book on Amazon last year called Luminarium. I never marketed it because I was afraid of the spotlight…of failure or success. I recently put it back up. It is a little marvel of epublishing ingenuity accomplished by my little indie publishing company, Crosstree Press.

Many of you have read my words here for years. I ask that if you are moved to do so, buy my book and leave a review. It features the work of photographers and writers that I appreciate. I never saw how my decision to play small would have an effect on others.

My success will enable me to publish works from young people who are rejected from the traditional publishing companies. Their words are necessary.

I am grateful to all of you for reading my words all these years. Blessings.

~ Maria

8 thoughts on “Words Create Worlds

  1. Purchased. I look forward to reading it, Maria. I too, know how important it is to be able to get the young ones’ voices out there. It’s what I love doing most. Good luck and Godspeed, Maria.

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