Truths my body learned from dating (and talking to my “Self”):

  1. I have the capacity to be present.
  2. I can give myself the things I need at the moment.
  3. The only commitment that I need to make is to growth.
  4. The most important time I can spend is with my “Self”.
  5. I am worth getting to know.
  6. My true foundation is authenticity.
  7. I can show up exactly as I am.
  8. I give to myself what I value the most, a connection in love on every level.
  9. I am eternal when I love myself unconditionally.
  10. I accept and own my embodiment.
  11. I know who’s making the rules before I obey them.
  12. Nothing is ever as it seems when viewed from the outside.
  13. All the “others” are me.
  14. I allow the highest energy to lead.

Thank you

Photo from my morning walk

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  1. wow.. what a beautiful pic you took. You seem to have a great eye for taking pictures. Dating lessons are an evolving thing until you find “The one”. Stay safe and blessed 💛

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