Soul Retrieval

i mind the cascade

of hourglass sand

the subtle inversion

of my lover’s hand


M.G. Iannucci 2020

There is a serene forward flow to time. Our mechanistic mindset has divided a coursing feminine cascade into segments of productivity. Immersing in the profoundly creative leaves me timeless as opposed to constricted. It feels like a radically opened and untethered drifting. I am afraid of the experience of losing self. The places I held unmoving, constricted, and contracted are desiring flexibility. As a masculine awareness carries me, responsiveness, feedback, agility become the act of making love with life itself. Surrender is a fearsome thing for me. I will continue to tell the truth of what I see.

Photo: The Trial of Time by Alfred Dozeal

Photo: Sands of Time by Salome Hooper