The Flower by Vidur Sadhev

I fall in love with a flower
knowing the temporariness
of her existence
and the uncertain
length of mine,
I don’t need a reason
and I don’t look for one
for if love could be explained
I’d have no need
for a heart,

she gives nothing
and yet
I receive so much,
balances can be measured
when mounted on scales,
but in this imbalance
that exists
neither of us
is a loser,

I fall in love with a flower
knowing I don’t own a vase,
that there is more
which gives her
her earthen fragrance
and her myriad colours,
than stagnant water
in a captive jar ever could,

I admire her inborn wisdom
of knowing that the bee
is no ordinary thief,
and sometimes
letting go of a part of you,
is necessary
for the continuity
of a larger existence,

I fall in love with a flower
each time I see her,
an elixir to my eyes
a balm to my soul
a being existing in peace
nonchalant to her own beauty,
seeking neither her reflections
nor needing to reflect anyone else,
simply content
under the boundless sky
for her this
momentary presence,

I linger
for as long as I can
before I make my way back,
I fell in love with a flower
and it feels good
to be able to feel that,
for even when time
has weathered us down,
some roots
when watered
can bloom forever.

© vidursahdev 2020

The underlying energy of this poem returned me to a place of beauty manifest where goodness and truth embrace. I would like to sincerely thank Vidur for his presence in this space for years and for gifting me with the opportunity to speak his writing. I modified the pronouns in the poem but the rest of the words remain his. It was my joy to put this to voice. You can find more of Vidur’s writing and books on his website Verse in Motion.

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