maggots slip
from cracked lips
fearing light inside
plump on the lies
i had buried myself with
human detritus that fertilizes
the rug i pull
from beneath my feet
mandorla of rot and sweet
i harvest a veil of mycelium
with the knarled hands
of perfectionism
as i dream
of gentle resurrection


M.G. Iannucci 2020

Reason, intuition, and introspection are capacities that all persons have. I have been working to integrate and exercise them by witnessing my dualities and polarities and holding them gently together internally through writing. Watching with presence is the middle path where I have begun to own my own frailty and beauty as well as that of a broken world waking. It is often physically uncomfortable and disorienting. So is the growing honesty in my writing. I know I can’t heal what I refuse to see. So it is…blessed be.

Photo: Tropical Gloom

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