Blessed Addictions

i desire your hands
although they danced
on other’s thighs
and lies
that bind the wounds
that you secretly despise
i down the poison
that burns with each sip
although the tumbler
never reaches my lips
the hall of mirrors
is etched across my hand
for my life i drag
a line across the sand
for your sins are mine
and the lies are true
as i break the spell
releasing you

M.G. Iannucci 2020
Before I was born, I told myself a story. Over and over, I found people to scribble it with me. The lines and the needs, they never changed but now I refuse the fix to lessen the pain. I am awake as I place pen in other hand and go through withdrawl to a greener land. In this wilder stranger foreign place, to yearn leave is to learn stay, to hold my heart as it quakes and breaks.
Powerful healers begin within their greatest afflictions.

Photo: The Key to Freedom

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