constrain me delicately

in the fragrant beauty

of ethereal tether

beyond nectar

the sweet specter

a feather’s breadth

of scent depth

hovering in its ascent

within the crystalline goblet

of this essence

decanted into your steady hands


my decadence tempered

rendered in slow surrender

with ache and trace

of Love’s petals close

on your breath

a whisper on flesh 

flush swept

florets of promise

in the silence

that is kept


I once read an essay on the beauty of women written by a man who had been blind at birth, He spoke of the soft hush of hair as it is released and sweeps across the back, the scent of every place the woman had been with an undergirding of her perfume and natural scent. Frangipani in organic virgin first pressed coconut oil is one of the only things I use on my skin. If you would not eat it why would you let it soak into the largest organ of your body? Its light notes and deep tones are intoxicating. Is beauty what you see or my experience of me?

This poem can be found in my book Luminarium on Amazon.

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